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    Product Manuals



    Programming Instructions for remotes

     4 Button remote for ST600, ST6000, ST6005

    ST8 and ST12 remote programming

    To program a new remote or reprogram a remote use the following steps:

    1. Make sure you have power at the Spraytest receiver. Turn on the monitor in the cab, select  manual control, shut off the auto sectional 
    2. Disconnect the Spraytest cable at the Spraytest receiver (this will shut off the power to the receiver).
    3. Press the power button on the remote and hold, after 10 seconds the red and green lights will blink together. Release the power button.
    4. Plug the Spraytest cable you disconnected in step 2 back into the Spraytest receiver. If the remote has connected to the receiver the green light will blink quickly(2 times /sec)
    5. Test the remote to see if it actuates the sprayer valves. 
    6. If it did not take then try again.
    Failure to get the remote to talk to the receiver can be an issue either with the remote or the receiver. 
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