Remote Boom Control

    What is the "Remote Boom Control"?

    • Allows the user to turn on/off individual booms with a handheld remote from behind the sprayer.
    • Offers: convenience; added safety; savings of time, chemical/money, environment.
    • Controls up to 8 booms.
    • Adaptable to most sprayers.

    How does the Remote Boom Control offer convenience?

    • One trip to the back of the sprayer to perform all nozzle checks and service.
    • Turn individual booms or boom sections on with the use of a handheld remote.
    • Easy to install. There's no cutting or splicing involved. All harnesses plug into existing sprayer harnesses.

    In what way does the Remote Boom Control offer safety?

    • The operator is exposed to less chemical because the sprayer is not running continuously.
    • Running around the sprayer while checking nozzles is eliminated.
    • No more scrambling to get into the cab to shut the sprayer off.
    • The person checking the sprayer is in complete control of when the sprayer turns on/off.

    How will the Remote Boom Control save me time and chemical/money, and how will it save the environment?

    • Time - All checks can be done by one person in one trip around the sprayer.
    • Chemical/Money - The sprayer will only spray momentarily, not continuously. Individual booms or boom sections can be turned on rather than turning on the whole sprayer.
    • Environment - Reduces excessive spraying of one spot when checking the sprayer.

    How difficult is it to install a Remote Boom Control?

    • Anyone can install a Remote Boom Control.
    • All the harnesses necessary for the sprayer it is purchased for will be included.
    • It plugs right into the existing harnesses and connectors on the sprayer.

    How long does it take to install a Remote Boom Control?

    • The Remote Boom Control takes about 15-30 minutes to install

    Models of Sprayers that a SPRAYTEST will work on.

    • Apache
    • Bestway
    • Brandt
    • Case
    • Demco
    • Fast
    • Flexicoil
    • Gregson
    • Hagie
    • John Deere
    • Miller
    • New Holland
    • Rogator
    • Schaben
    • Spray-Air
    • Spra-Coupe
    • Top Air
    • Wilmar

    If your make is not listed we can probably make a Spraytest harness for it.